CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Carrier Wheels Private Limited places importance on developing fair and highly transparent management activities and is striving to strengthen organizational governance as a corporate citizen trusted by our customers and vendors in and outside India.

Carrier Wheels Private Limited Principles of Corporate Behaviour, include guidance on contributing to the sustainable development of society and the earth; respecting each employee's character, individuality and diversity, and developing and maintaining sound relationships with vendors and customer based on active communication. We promote CSR activities based on these principles of corporate behaviour under various themes.

Putting the principles into action through education and training, we have formulated and are promoting the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility to provide concrete behavioural standards for all employees to fulfil the objectives of Carrier Wheels Private Limited Principles of Corporate Behaviour.

These guidelines have a Q&A section for each of the seven principles defined namely safety and quality, compliance, disclosure of information and communication, human rights and labour, the environment, corporate citizenship activities and top management leadership. By doing so, we will ensure that these principles are easy to understand and easily accessible. Additionally, to promote employees’ awareness of CSR and encourage business practices with CSR in mind, CSR training are conducted as part of rank-specific training programs.