Manufacturing is the backbone of our supply chain. We continually strive for excellence in infrastructure and technology. We have successfully implemented automation to improve quality compliance and productivity. Through automated manufacturing techniques, we aim to build trust which is not built overnight but is built over time. It requires many years of consistent devotion to quality and service.

With two independent rim lines and two independent disc lines, we are able to cater customer requirement in time and as per schedule.

High capacity Butt Welders of 800KVA and 1600KVA allow us flash butt weld even thick sections which further enhances our capacity to manufacture wheels for applications like forestry, earthmoving, construction and other off road applications.

With Automatic Horizontal Flaring and Expanders, these two operations become very easy with no operator dependence and helps us achieve very accurate size of wheels rims

With high speed and high strength roll formers, wheels are manufactured to a high level of accuracy with accurate profiles for easy tyre mounting.

All wheels are welded on automatic four torch CNC Welding machines to assure clean, uniform and accurate welding with minimum run-out.

For tractor rear wheels with lugs, all lugs are welded with the help on an automatic welding SPM to ensure uniform welding bead on all wheels and ensure high strength.

Final Inspection of all wheels are done on an automatic online ROT (Run Out Testing) Machine which ensures that the lateral and radial run-out are within specified tolerances and also makes sure of valve hole presence and a low point is marked.

Two Independent disc Lines with presses ranging from 63 Metric Tonnes to 1250 Metric Tonnes make disc manufacturing an easy job for us. Most disc are manufactured in such a way that all mounting holes and hub hole is pierced in a single operation so as to achieve much higher accuracies while mounting.

When higher accuracy is required for mounting applications, CNC VTL and CNC Multi Spindle Drilling machines are used for hub hole and mounting holes respectively.