Paint Shop

CWPL uses the latest generation of Cathode Electro Deposition (CED/ E-Coat/ Cataphoresis) paint as primer to make sure that the wheel rims are practically rust proof over lifetime.

CWPL has state of the art SCADA Controlled automatic Cathode Electro Deposition (CED) paint shop for wheel rims capable of painting wheels up to 1000 mm in dia and 500 mm wide.
All wheels go on a conveyor through a 10 stage pre-treatment to assure best CED paint quality. Approx 1000 wheel rims can be painted per hour using the fully automated conveyorized CED paintshop.
CWPL has a CED paint tank capacity of 45,000 litres where wheels on the conveyor are dipped in the paint after pre-treatment to ensure uniform paint deposition.
An indirectly heated oven helps us to make sure that there is no deposition of dust particles or un-burnt carbon particles on the CED paint during the Baking process.
CED painted wheels can easily withstand a minimum of 1000 hours of salt spray test, thus assuring that practically, they are rust proof for years together.
As per customer requirement, wheels are applied with Liquid Top coat in pressurised booths in dust free environment to ensure best paint quality.

CWPL has a fully equipped paint lab to test the life of paint using a salt spray chamber, DFT meter (Dry Film Thickness), Gloss meter for Gloss Level. A miniature setup to perform CED in the paint lab itself, helps our team to replicate the CED process on a smaller scale for R&D, testing and optimization purposes.