At CWPL, our philosophy and intent are to create and maintain world-class business practices to ensure that our products are safe, accurate and precise. Our passion for quality goes beyond business and customer requirements. We have only one focus – Quality.

Quality Controls are put in place to assure that the design, development, manufacture and supply of wheel rims take place through well-defined and well-documented quality systems and procedures.We ensure that our processes comply with national and international regulatory standards. We have implemented a well-defined and thoroughly documented set of quality systems and procedures.

Quality means continuous improvement. Our Quality Standards are constantly benchmarked against best practices and so these are continually upgraded to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the global environment. We remain committed to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity and will ensure that all our facilities continue to meet the exemplary standards that are expected of a global automotive components' company.
The mission of Carrier Wheels Pvt. Ltd. is to satisfy consumer's needs for superior quality and use of the latest technologies. Quality is the cornerstone of the Company's activities, and should not be compromised thus ensuring that our customers should always be able to trust the superior quality of our products.

We are in the business and continuously improving and expanding because of our customers. We are committed to establishing and maintaining profitable partnership with our customers by providing high quality products and superior service.

We are determined to grow better day by day, both as a company and as individuals. We will never be satisfied with our current performance, no matter how good it is and will continually strive to seek improvement, unparalleled excellence in our products and new opportunities for business growth.

We continually strive for growth opportunities to expand our market and our product range with new and, where possible, different wheels, without compromising the excellence of our existing operations.