Raw Material & Processing

As our commitment to quality, we source our raw material, steel in the form of HR Coils, from highly reputed suppliers in INDIA. Special grade steels are used depending on the application and customer requirements. We constantly work as a team with our customers and steel suppliers to improve the strength and surface finish of the steel.

After receiving the HR coils, all further processing is done in house. We have an excellent setup for Pickling and Shot Blasting of steel to remove mill scales which further gives very high paint adherence and excellent paint life after final painting. With the help of shot blasting, the compressive strength of the surface can be enhanced thus making the steel even more stronger.

For the blank preparation for rims and discs, we have an automatic de-coiling line and shearing lines. To ensure accurate size of wheels, the blanks are processed here maintaining high level of accuracy with minimum level of tolerances.

To ensure uninterrupted supply to our customers, enough stock in the form of HR coils is maintained at our facility. All material handling and processing is done keeping in mind the safety of our operators which is basic requirement as a part of our work culture.