Testing and R&D

We regard our Research & Development (R&D) and Testing capabilities as a vital component of our business strategy that provide a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage.

With an excellent infrastructure for all R&D and Testing facilities to manufacture wheel rims, we assure wheels with high performance, life and reliability. At the R&D stage, the application of wheel is studied and optimum designs are evaluated for their strength using finite element analysis. Prototype models are developed and actual road and load conditions are simulated using special testing machines like RFT and CFT.

We have a pool of highly qualified individuals with a varied knowledge base and vast exposure covering all areas of wheel rim testing. Creative teams from R&D and expert teams at testing generate innovative concepts and ideas which are aligned to synergies across business needs. The focus of R&D is on quality product development, keeping in view safety and accuracy of wheel rims.

Our capabilities lie in developing innovative, safe and cost effective global technologies to deliver high quality products. The ability to develop difficult-to-make, complex profiles by using the latest technologies is the key differentiating factor of our research. We have one of the best testing facilities in the industry meeting most customer requirements as follows :

Radial Fatigue Testing Wheel Dia - 12 ~24.5
Wheel Width - 3.5 ~15
Speed - 20~140Km/h
Load : upto 100KN

Corner Fatigue Testing-1 Wheel Dia-18 ~34
Wheel Width -5.5 ~20
Speed -1500RPM Max
Bending Moment : 50KN-m Max

Corner Fatigue Testing-2 Wheel Dia - 12 ~30
Wheel Width - 3 ~20
Speed - 800RPM Max
Bending Moment : 10KN-m Max

Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine Least Count - 0.0001 mm
Capacity - 1200x1000x800mm

Runout Testing-1 Wheel Size : 3.5Jx12 to 13.00x18
Offset : 17mm to 75mm
Hub Diameter : 52mm to 221mm

Runout Testing-2 Wheel Size : 6x20 ~20x38
Offset : -120 to +120mm
Hub Diameter : 110mm to 281mm

Universal Testing Machine Least Count - 0.1N Capacity-60Ton

Welding Penetration Testing Least Count - 0.01mm Zooming -15X

Salt Spray Chamber For Checking of CED (Primer) / Top Coat (Paint) Life

Dry Film Thickness meter (Digital Coating Thickness Gauge) Least Count : 0.1µ
Range : 2000.0µ

Glossmeter Least Count : 1GU
Range : Upto 200GU

Rectifier Chamber Simulation of CED Coating & checking Adhesion test

Oven Temp = Upto 5000C (For Check the NVM)

Muffle Furnace Temp = Upto 10000C (For Checking of Pigment Vs Binder)

Height Gauge & Surface Table Least Count : 0.02mm
Range : 0.02~600.00mm

Slip Gauges (Gauge Block) Grade : 0
Capacity : 0.5~100mm
Resolution : 0.00001mm

Portable Hardness Tester (EPX300 Hardness Tester) Least Count : 0.1
Measurement Unit : HRC,HRB,HB,HV,HSD & Tensile Strength Mpa

Load Cell (Tensile & Compressive ) Least Count : 0.1N
Range : 3000 to 10000Kg
Measurement Units : Kgf, KN, Ibf, & mV/V

Ball Tape Gauge Range : 1 2 to 38

Weighing Machine Least Count : 0.1mg
Range : 0.0001 to 210gm

Digital Conductivity Meter Least Count : 0.2µO
Range : -200µO to 1000µO