Wheels for Floatation, Forestry & Snow Applications

CWPL offers a complete range of wheels for Floatation, Forestry & Snow applications. CWPL has the capability to manufacture single piece rim upto 20” wide and complicated AG rim profile with double and triple well along with Hump. CWPL can manufacture wheels for such applications suitable for tubeless applications as well and provide enhancements in wheel to avoid slippage between rim and tyre even under rugged conditions. Special grade steels are used to achieve desired strength and ensure that the strength of the wheel is not affected even in extreme cold conditions.

All wheels manufactured by us are tested regularly to make sure that they meet all test standards as per internationally specified standards for safety and quality. All wheels are CED (Cathode Electro Deposition) coated to assure that the wheels are practically rustproof for lifetime even in harsh weather and field conditions. We also offer wheels in premium color top coats as per the customer requirement to suit the aesthetic requirements.


Product Range

Drawing on over decades of experience, we work in partnership with leading OEMs to develop and deliver wheels that meet the needs of this constantly evolving market. With a large and ever increasing product portfolio, Carrier Wheels Pvt. Ltd. is able to offer products as per customer requirements from its existing product range or develop wheels as per customer requirements.

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  • Manufacturing Wheel Rims from 3" to 20" in width.
  • Manufacturing Wheel Rims from 12" to 38" in diameter.
  • Manufacturing more than 300 Wheel Rim Variants.